I am so honored you traveled to my site! I began painting two years ago as a way to release emotion when words wouldn’t come. Over these last two years, I discovered painting allows me to connect with myself and with you. I found clarity of speech did not come from how well or often I spoke, but rather came most articulately through my paintbrush. I am encouraged these paintings speak not only to my heart but yours as well. My hope is in viewing my work, you are reminded you are not alone and grace abounds.  

I am an abstract painter mostly working in acrylic, while sometimes pulling out my oil and watercolor. I grew up in the beautiful piney woods of East Texas, but now live in the sunny, bustling city of Dallas. In March, I married the love of my life and changed my name to Rogers! I almost always have paint in my hair and on my clothes. Once I start laughing, it is nearly impossible for me to stop! I love my family and hold them close to my heart. Currently, I studio out of the Mill Street House in the heart of Lewisville, Texas, where I work with many outstanding creatives!  

I love hearing from you! If you would like to set a time to meet or talk, please email me at