from my heart to your home.

As an artist, I have discovered painting allows me to connect with myself and with you.  These simple brushstrokes not only touch my heart, but yours as well.  It is a transformative feeling– one for which I am forever grateful.  

Yet there is a gap.  Though impactful and transformative– for many art is not financially accessible.  On the other end– as an artist, a value must be placed representative of the time, materials, skill, and even heart poured into the work.  This is, after all, a journey to create a life-enriching and sustainable business.  

My hope is to remedy this gap.  I believe art is for everyone and I want you to know that I care deeply for you.

 Detailed below is an invitation to a 6 month art subscription.  It is a welcoming into the journey of my upcoming series, Here I Lay.  Payments made over 6 months allow you to buy an original painting without the financial stress.  Although this does not mean you will be receiving original art each month, it does mean that each month you will be invited into the process.  I will be sending email and social media updates regularly to continue the conversation and hear from you. While you are following along, I will be working hard to make your dream of owning artwork a reality.  I will be listening to your thoughts and praying for your hearts.  Upon the 6th month, you will not just receive a beautiful painting, but rather a painting in which you were invited into the journey. 

My hope is to not just connect with you, but to know you and encourage you.
Sign ups are currently closed for the 6-month series, Here I Lay. If you are interested in becoming a subscriber in the future, sign ups for my next series will be available in December 2017. Detailed below is more about the subscriptions process and how it works.

How it Works

1.  Choose an option below.  

Subscribing begins with the vision.  You can read here my heart behind the upcoming series, Here I Lay.  If this vision is one that stirs your affections, I pray that you will consider joining me on this journey.  I truly care for you and I want to bring art to your home.  This subscription is the first step to make that dream a reality– I cannot begin tell you how that thrills my heart!


2. Follow Along & Get Involved

mandy rogers_look book_14.jpg

Throughout the 6 months, I will be reaching out to you specifically, seeking to engage and hear from your heart.  My hope is to paint in such a way as to meet your heart.  Truly you are invaluable to this process– because first and foremost, I want you to know you belong here and grace abounds!



3. Receive your Artwork

There is such a sweetness in receiving a gift once you have been invited into the journey.  This is the gift you will receive 6 months down the road– an original painting, one in which you played an important role in.  You are invaluable to this process.